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Would you pay $539.76 AUD a year for a verified FB and Insta?

Should you pay $539.76 AUD a year for a verified Facebook and Instagram account? While it might seem like an attractive offer to get verified on two of the most popular social media platforms, it’s important to consider the value of such verification and whether it’s worth the investment. Here are three points to consider:

Who should get verified on Facebook and Instagram?

Getting verified on social media can be beneficial for businesses and individuals who have a significant online presence and want to establish credibility and authenticity. For businesses, having a verified account can help build trust with potential customers, while for individuals, it can help prevent impersonation and establish a professional online presence.

What does “extra reach” look like?

Zuckerberg touted that one of the “supposed” benefits of a PAID verified account is “extra reach”. This will be a scintillating idea for brands, that already battle against META’s generally low reach organic algorithm, with most of the feed tuned towards paid ads. If indeed organic reach can be boosted with VERIFICATION, then brands will flock to this and gladly pay the yearly $539.76 AUD it would take to be fully verified across desktop and apps. Time will tell and please check with Nimbull for the results of our trials as they come in.

What else does verification give you?

Aside from potential reach and visibility benefits, verification can also provide a sense of legitimacy and can help prevent impersonation. Verified accounts have a blue checkmark next to their name, which indicates to users that the account is authentic and belongs to a reputable entity or individual. In addition, verified accounts may have access to enhanced customer support and may be able to resolve issues more quickly than non-verified accounts. We’ve all been in the META “hell loop” of having pages/accounts go down for silly reasons. No Thanks!

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual or business to weigh the potential benefits and costs of verification and make an informed decision. If Nimbull can assist in your decision making or to help you go through the verification process safely, please reach out today.


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