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Catch The Fish That Got Away


With industry conversion rates being under 10%, it’s no secret that 90% of a website’s traffic will leave without performing a conversion.

Retargeting, otherwise known as Remarketing, is the process of targeting a user with Display, Video or Search Ads after they have left your website.

In most cases, it is a valuable way to reach those consumers who were close to converting, but may need some extra time for consideration before conversion. Why would you not serve a banner ad to someone who has abandoned their shopping cart on your website, to run off and pick up the kids from school?

Done tastefully, with the right reach, cadence and targeted ad copy, remarketing can easily become one of your highest ROI channels. Nimbull has long running relationships with core remarketing platforms like Adroll, Rakuten & Google. Speak to us today about a tailored solution.