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How To Get Your Logo On Google Maps

Branded pins (logo) on Google Maps are an option within Google Ads Local store visits and promotion campaigns. Below are the steps for getting Branded pins on Google Maps:


1. Create Local store visits and promotion campaigns.

Local store visits and promotion campaigns help you to connect online advertising to your storefront. You can promote your stores on Google search results, maps, YouTube and other websites.

For eligibility, to access Local store visits and promotion campaigns, you’ll need to have active location extensions or affiliate location extensions in your account or have a Google My Business account connected to Google Ads.

2. Select your campaign settings.

3. Create additional ad groups.

4. Optimise bidding. These steps will help to get your LOGO to appear on Google Maps.


Why putting Branded pins (logo) on Google Maps using Google Ads Local store visits and promotion campaigns are effective:

Branded pins significantly outperform other forms of advertising. For many businesses, using branded pins is a wise move for a number of reasons.

  • Relevance plays a big role in effective paid marketing. Relevance affects not only click-through rates and other important metrics, but also a higher Quality Score. This crucial aspect of relevancy is nearly guaranteed when you target local audiences with your paid advertisements.
  • Multiple local keywords are brimming with strong action intent, which promotes almost instant conversions. People who look for “coffee near me delivery” or “plumbers in my area” are in urgent need of said product & services. It’s extremely useful to draw in audiences who use these kinds of search phrases.
  • Because consumers have the option to convert online, over the phone, or in person at the location of your business, local audiences are fundamentally more valuable. And options are a big hit with customers!
  • The competition for keywords can be far lower than it is for global ad campaigns because Google Ads Local store visits and promotion ads are intended to draw clients in a particular geographic area. As a result, you can rank higher for ad positions while paying less.
  • Combining all of these advantages results in an advertising campaign that is more relevant, performs better, costs less, has fewer competitors, and draws in a very desirable audience.


With Branded Pins when people zoom in to areas of interest on Google Maps, they’ll more easily be able to spot the locations of companies and brands that are already familiar to them.

Ask Nimbull today about how this platform can work for your business.

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