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“We have been pleasantly surprised and excited that in just 6 months Nimbull have been able to more than DOUBLE our conversions with the same media spend. I’d recommend Nimbull to anyone looking to boost their bottom line through smart and effective digital marketing.”

~ Kylie Elms, Owner, Browco.

“We are so happy we chose Nimbull to manage our digital marketing. They are both knowledgeable and professional and have gone above and beyond to help us ensure we achieve very significant sales increase through both Google and social media advertising.

Highly recommended to anyone looking for help on digital marketing. They are a
pleasure to work with and their results are outstanding.”

~ Karla Armas, Managing Director, Nordic Fusion

“They have been helping us to grow our business over eCommerce and social media platforms, and they have been with us through every step of the way. They’ve given us training, support and advice. It’s been crucial to the growth of our business. We very much look forward to continuing to work with the team at Nimbull.”

- Sarah Iskov, Digital Marketing Manager,

“Our partnership with Nimbull has built a solid flow of quality leads to the business”.

- Jason Furnell, Chief Digital Officer, Loan Market

“Nimbull has been taking care of our digital marketing campaigns for almost a year, prompt response and excellent service, always provide good quality marketing materials .”

-Nicky Lau

Thank you Michael and Nimbull for the informative presentation. It was a brilliant way to introduce me to the world of digital marketing – someone who is new to this industry! Highly recommended!

- Sofie Asprey, Marketing Manager,

“Nimbull helped us to develop our social media platforms and business branding which was really successful in the past year. Their work on our social media marketing has made a significant difference to our business. We look forward to working with them next year to achieve more.”

- Cloris Cheng Corporate Services Manager, Sun Property.

“Since using Nimbull to optimise our digital marketing, HealthcareLink has experienced massive improvements in performance on Google, Facebook and more. Their digital strategy and reporting is first class!

Nimbull blew us away with the quality and thoroughness of their SEO audit. They’ve also done a great job bolstering our SEO throughout the year by producing engaging and shareable content for our website and social channels.”

- Kopi N, Marketing Manager, HealthcareLink

“We have Nimbull as media agency for one of our projects. They did a great job, very responsible and efficient. We worked together with Michael, Angela and the whole team very happily. Highly recommend to anyone looking for digital marketing agency.”

- Cynthia Xiang, Creative Director, Cheeky Little Soles

“We tasked them with delivering a whole new website. Our brief was clear – we are an interior design company. We need to have a stunning website which encapsulates all the current WEB DESIGN trends.”

- Selma Demir, Director, IStyle & Design

“Definitely they are the BEST!

What makes Nimbull unique is their staff are both DIGITAL and PROPERTY experts. They understand the macro trends and challenges facing their property clients.

After we switched from our old agency, the improvement in results and customer service was almost instantaneous. They focus on delivering quality leads and traffic. Working with Nimbull is more like a partnership where they will put on the company’s hat and always suggest what’s better for us, how to optimise budget and giving deep analysis to make things happen.

Again, thank you for all your professionalism and work, we can definitely notice the difference working with experts and I love it!”

- Ellie Rodriquez, Marketing Manager, Village Building Co.

“I have worked with Michael and Nimbull team to run our digital campaigns across social, search and display platforms in the last one year. During this time I found the team at Nimbull to be our great allies who worked collaboratively with us to improve the quality of our paid campaigns, increase the number of leads while reducing cost per lead and present detailed campaign reports with suggestions for further improvement. I’ll strongly recommend Nimbull to organisations trying to optimise and improve results of their digital campaigns.”

- Manish Jha, Marketing Manager, Village Building Co.

“Excellent team, excellent service, excellent digital strategy! We have been using Nimbull Digital Marketing for 8 years. There is no other agency that understands the Cosmetic industry better than them.”

- Aska Logotko, Manager, LilyRooms Cosmetic Clinic

“A big thank you to the team! After a number of poor experiences with other digital agencies, we moved to Nimbull and will not trust anyone else. We have seen some great results thanks to the newly designed website they made for us and the ongoing digital marketing campaigns. Highly recommend !”

- Angela Tancred, Marketing Manager, ACMAS Business

“Nimbull had been recommended to us for Google advertising and we are so glad we took up the recommendation. They are professional, friendly and very good at what they do.

If you’re like us and don’t have the time to manage an adwords campaign and make it successful, then get in touch with Nimbull, they are worth their weight in gold!”

- Sandra Jelliman, Marketing Manager, Go Pest

“Nimbull has been taking care of our digital marketing campaigns for almost a year, prompt response and excellent service, always provide good quality marketing materials.”

- Nicky Lau, Marketing Manager, Marston living

“Michael was a pleasure to deal with. His insights, strategies and professionalism give him a point of difference in an otherwise crowded space.

He has helped transform one of my businesses from a one man band to a 10 person organisation achieving achieving significant revenue growth since commencing work with him.

Highly recommend you have a chat with the team.”

- Kieran Berry, Marketing Manager, Sparton Gym Equipment

“Highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for expertise in the digital field. Thorough, professional, expert and to be trusted….and I have worked with many agencies during my 25+ years in marketing.”

- Rob Marston, Marketing Manager, Complete Men

“Raise Foundation is very grateful to have the generous support of Nimbull, who were able to quickly transform our digital marketing campaign. We gained far more traffic and conversions immediately, and then improved it every month.

Working with the team at Nimbull is effective and efficient, they add so much value to our organisation, and we sincerely appreciate their expertise and guidance.”

- Vicki Condon, Founder and CEO, RAISE Foundation

“Nimbull got our phones ringing off the hook in no time!”

- Aska Logotko, Manager, LilyRooms Cosmetic Clinic

“We have Nimbull as media agency for one of our projects. They did a great job, very responsible and efficient. We worked together with Michael, Angela and the whole team very happily. Highly recommend to anyone looking for digital marketing agency.”

- Lisa Koba, Creative Director, Cheeky Little Soles

“Nimbull are subject matter experts on best practices across all forms of SEM. Their structured approach and thorough review was of great benefit to our business.”

- Geetika Marek Guz, CMO, Brands Exclusive

“Nimbull achieves great results with various digital marketing channels. Even more valuable is the way Nimbull uses fast moving fata from these channels to help us shape our overall product.”

- Farina Schurzfeld, General Manager, Airtasker.

“Since switching from old agency, we’ve had 6 consecutive months in our metrics working with Nimbull Digital Marketing.”

- David Ingram, CoFounder/Director, Better Bills

“Nimbull has demonstrated a hands-on and practical approach that is rare to find. Their depth of knowledge of new and existing technologies and ability to simply impart knowledge on how best to leverage these for a better return on marketing expenditure has been a key differentiator for our business performance.”

- Tim Andrew, CEO, BetterBills

“You’re a master of your field.”

- Michael Kelso, Marketing Manager, Yahoo! Spreets

“There is no question, Nimbull gets results.”

- Jim Rice, Web Producer, Thomson Reuters