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Promote Your Business by Display Advertising

Viber displays certain kinds of ads within the Viber app. These ads may be related to new Viber products or third party products and services. Every ad is clearly marked as sponsored.

Engage your target audience seamlessly within the Viber app through our Ads campaigns. With a simple click, users are directed to your chosen landing page, whether it’s a website or URI/URL.

With their standard operating model revolving around CPM, ensuring the delivery of premium inventory tailored to your needs and leveraging first-party data for precise targeting. We offer a variety of mobile placements, including native options like the Call Tab, More Screen, Main Chat Screen, and the highly effective Post Call placement. This strategic approach ensures maximum exposure at the right time and in the right context.

Additionally, we provide opportunities to advertise through our latest formats, such as Business Chat Inbox and Explore Screen placements.

Viber ads offer a trial package priced at $1,500 +GST for 2-week campaigns. Please note that the billing model operates on a CPM basis, with rates varying depending on the destination country.

If you’re considering Viber Ads as part of your marketing strategy. Feel free to reach out to us about any further inquiries or assistance.