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Twitter Tries To “Wake The Sleeping Giant” With Timeline Change

Twitter tries to “wake the sleeping giant” with their newest modification to the Twitter timeline.. Read on for more.

So you spent the last 5 years perfectly curating your Twitter feed into an amazing channel of information. You may have even experimented with tools like TweetDeck, that allow you to set rules around what Tweets you see. 

Well Twitter has news for you. 

They have now officially changed the behaviour of your Twitter Timeline so that you can receive tweets from people you do not follow e.g Tweets from people your closest friends follow. 

This has stirred up a frenzy of negative response, shared on you guessed it, Twitter.

Why would Twitter so boldy introduce a change that would quite obviously strike up a furore?


Twitter has intricate knowledge of your passions and interests, together with usage patterns around when and what you respond to. Their algorithm could easily suggest a range of Tweets that in theory could help you discover new content and therefore boost your engagement on the platform. Guess what engagement is good for? Time on site, bounce rates and page impressions – all the necessary ingredients for a sound advertising monitisation program. 


Twitter boast 271 million active monthly users. It also has 4 times that amount of dormant accounts – people who joined, but abandoned as they didn’t follow enough people to make the service worth it. Those dormant users still get regular emails saying “Sorry you’ve had a hard time logging into Twitter”, or “Here’s the action you missed on Twitter”. What better way to reinvigorate those users (The Sleeping Giant) than to suggest engaging content using Twitter’s vast database of user profiled information.  

The larger question remains – Would Twitter have made such a bold move before going Public? Or is the insatiable need to satisfy shareholders going to see a flurry of similar high risk manoeuvres in the months to come.

Leave us your thoughts below, and don’t hesitate to contact Nimbull Digital Marketing for any Twitter related optimisation services.

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