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Double Your Facebook Ads Roi With These 2 Simple Reports

In this intermediate level Paid Facebook Ads “how-to”, you will learn how to rebuild campaigns based on additional reports, for some instant results.

So you’ve set up some Facebook ads to build likes and drive sales. It’s probably been a few months and you’ve noticed your cost per like and ROI flatline, or even go in a negative direction. This is often the case, as much of the key audience you selected in your configuration has already seen your ad. You are experiencing saturation, and the “frequency” Facebook is reporting is now well above 1. It only took a few weeks before everyone with an interest in “New York Holidays” has seen the competition you were promoting via Facebook Ads. Never fear! More can be done. Rebuild your campaigns and get more out of your best performing audiences, and the devices they are on.

When in the Facebook interface, click ‘View Report’.

You will need to customise these reports by going to “Edit Columns” and adding columns like “website conversion” and “cost per website conversion”.

Responder Demographics Report:

Select the responder demographics report. This report will reveal the sex, age and geography of your highest performing audiences. It is likely that you do not have a custom adset for the highest performing segment. Create this, and fund it as much as you can, while decreasing spend on lower performing segments. As you can see from the screen grab below, it is female between 45 and 55 that have the best return. This will be created as it’s own adset, with customised ad copy and image, to boost spend and therefore overall performance.

Responder demographic report.

Placement Based Metrics Report:

Select the placement report. This report will reveal where your ads have appeared for your highest performing audiences, i.e. whether they’ve appeared on our audiences newsfeed, right hand side, mobile or desktop. Facebook will often serve more to mobiles, but this may not necessarily be the best performing device, especially for ecommerce transactions.

Placement report.

Once you become an expert at looking at these segments, you may start your campaigns in a far more granular way in the first place, to make it easier to optimise as the campaigns ramp up. 

For more assistance on Facebook Ads optimisation, don’t hesitate to contact Nimbull here.  

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