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3 Key Takeaways From Adtech Sydney 2017

Countless thought leaders took the stage at ad:tech Sydney 2017 to school us on the latest and greatest, but what were the overall pervading themes?

1) “marketing is pollution” – attention is the new currency.

2) the human attention span has dropped to 8 seconds, lower than a goldfish. Ignore this to your marketing peril.

3) Brands are breaking through the idiom of “right person, right ad, right ad, right product, right time”. They are now looking to drive “an unfair share of culture”.

Nimbull’s session on “Future Tech & Trends Shaping Search” has received some very positive feedback since the conference on Wednesday. We showcased a series of speculative technology including robotics, VR, aerial connectivity, holograms, short wave infra red and more. Most interestingly, for every person excited by emerging tech like this, there is one concerned for privacy, obesity and a range of other societal implications. It fuelled a healthy debate during the Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Here’s Nimbull’s presentation deck from the day:

Future Tech and Trends Shaping Search by Nimbull – adtech 2017 from Michael Verghios

Here’s some images and video of Michael Verghios, Digital Marketing Director at Nimbull in action!

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