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Apple Vs Adwords – Will Itp Affect Me?

What is happening?

Later in September, Apple will introduce a feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention. They are doing this to balance user privacy with website functionality. This will interfere with Google Adwords conversion tracking, and Apple would have known Google Adwords would be the most effected by this before making the call. It will mean that users that convert on safari over 24 hours after the click, will not be counted in the same old way. Adwords are on it, and have solutions in play. These solutions don’t appear to require any action from the Adwords user. This is in both the below scenarios:

1) where Google Analytics and Adwords are Linked and auto taggin is on (counting should be exactly as before).

2) Google Analytics and Adwords are not linked (will use statistical modeling, and should get very close to old Safari conversion counting methodology).

Google’s Technical Implementation

Google is addressing ITP with a method that keeps with Apple’s guidance around ad attribution, which states, “We recommend server-side storage for attribution of ad impressions on your website. Link decoration [e.g., padding links with information] can be used to pass on attribution information in navigations.”

Google has developed a new Google Analytics cookie that will be used to capture campaign and conversion data from Safari in a way that corresponds with ITP.

What should you do to prepare?

This new feature will occur in late September 2017. If you haven’t linked your Adwords and Google Analytics accounts, we recommend doing so to remove any doubt that could be introduced in the new Adwords statistical modelling. 

A Nimbull Digital Marketing Director can help you prepare for ITP. Reach out with questions any time, we’d love to hear from you.

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