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Save Time With Google Analytics Voice Commands! We Asked 10 Questions, Here’s What We Got Back

Google has added a way to mine data for insights with voice-based navigation that’s fueled by artificial intelligence, and it’s improving and maturing every day.

Although it will bomb when asking it complicated things like “Does social media drive SEO conversions”, it can tackle most straightforward requests (data analysts, your job is safe for now!).


What was my traffic last week?

How many conversions have I received this month?

When do my visitors mostly convert?

What % of my users are female?

What percentage of my users were on safari last year?

What are my highest converting GOALS?

Is tablet traffic growing or shrinking?

Which social network gets me the most visitors

Which website referrer gets me the most conversions

Which landing page had the lowest average session duration last month?


The Google Analytics voice commands feature is easy to use, and can retrieve most GA data with your voice. It is part of a broader initiative within Google called Analytics Intelligence, which aims to give customers a better understanding of their Google Analytics data. It can save previous data you recently asked. It allows everyone to ask basic questions for themselves, freeing up data analysts to focus on more complex, strategic issues.

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