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TurtleDove’s & FLoCs?!?! – “Cookieless” Google Chrome Pushed Back to May 2023

Google has announced a delayed launch, and now, Chrome will end third party cookie support in May 2023. This will be D DAY, and complete the loss of third-party cookies support in browsers. The delayed date takes some pressure off Digital Marketers (for now), and is generally good news.

This change will undoubtedly impact an advertisers ability to collect their customer’s behavioural insights and therefore personalise ads.

In the background, Google is juggling Anti-trust vs Privacy. They need to tread in a careful and measured approach. They have increased pressure to deliver user privacy, but by deprecating cookies on Chrome, are hurting their competition like Turn, the Trading Desk and other platforms.

image 1.png Google FLoC – Federated Learning of Cohorts.This is how Google will do targeting after Chrome cookies are gone. Get used to hearing more about it. They are going after FLOCKS of people instead of individuals. They will be clustering large groups of people with similar interests. It can hide individuals by using on-device processing to keep web history private on the browser. This has the potential to replace most of the old cookie functionality (in theory, and we really hope that is the case!)Retargeting audience (1).pngTurtledove Turtledove is Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox initiative. It’s a privacy-compliant solution for advertisers. This can retarget and behaviourally target customers through a new browser API and on-device auction. Watch closely! Alternatives to Google UID 2.0 aka Unified ID 2.0 – A new protocol the Trade Desk is building. It’s open-source. It’s not necessarily The Trade Desk vs Google, it’s an industry-standard many platforms may adopt. For more information about how Google Chrome removing 3rd party tracking will affect your Retargeting and Display campaigns contact Nimbull today.

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