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Half a Year Later – The Top 8 Facebook Ads Issues Caused by IOS 14

There’s no doubt Apple’s January launch of ios 14 was one of the most hyped and scariest developments for digital marketers in recent memory. Many Facebook Ad fans were standing on street corners touting THE END IS NIGH signs. Not even penguins and pandas could give us sweatier palms!

Half a year later, let’s dissect what the top 8 material changes have been:

1. The Attribution window has changed. There is no more 28 day view through conversion window.

2. You can’t segment conversion data based on demographics for analysis.

3. Retargeting audience lists are no longer tracked completely.

Retargeting audience.png 4. LLAs (Lookalike audiences) extracted from website audiences do not work as accurately. 5. Long term data (large date ranges) are not available for reporting and analysis. 6. Want to know the ACTUAL rates that users opted in to APPLE’S changes? Opt in rates are 40% globally and 20% in Australia. FB Ads Changes Due To IOS 14 2.png 7.Lead Form Ads are more important than ever, as they still let you collect audience data as it’s on FB and not a website, so use them! 8. More reporting changes – there’s no post click vs post impression conversion breakout anymore. While the world didn’t end, navigating Facebook Ad optimisation without the above nuances in mind may yield only mediocre results. Still waking in cold sweats? Contact Nimbull today about how to navigate the childish world of APPLE vs FACEBOOK, before they throw more toys out of the cot (that land on your laptop)!

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