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Top 7 ways to sell online FAST during Australian Covid lockdowns



“Bricks and Mortar”





“Click and Order” !

Top 7 ways to sell online FAST .png As Australian COVID lockdowns continue in perpetuity, Nimbull are regularly asked what’s the fastest way a business can start selling online. The above RETAIL During COVID Lockdowns Infographic will get you in the eCommerce groove. Let’s go!
  1. Launch a Shopify store.
  2. Activate Google Shopping Paid Ads.
  3. Make your Instagram SHOPPABLE.
  4. Join an Affiliate Network and have other websites do the selling for you.
  5. Join up to Afterpay and ZipPay – their stores can give you great free traffic.
  6. Gain a massive instant audience on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Ozbargain.
  7. Use a digital agency like Nimbull who can make ALL OF THE ABOVE happen fast!
Contact us and aim for record sales months DURING lockdowns. COVID has ensured your business will never be the same. Let’s make that for the better!

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