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Iliad Homes – Project Builder Attracts People READY to Build!

We came to Nimbull needing quality leads for our Project Building business. What attracted us to Nimbull was their impressive list of Property Clients including massive developers and real estate agencies around Australia. The biggest challenge for a Project Builder is finding people who are ready to build as opposed to just brainstorming for years into the future.

Nimbull understood that right away. They built us a shiny new website fast which we instantly got lots of compliments for.

Then they got the paid media fired up, especially Facebook and Instagram. We were able to start sending out building proposals within weeks, paying around $20 per quality lead. Would definitely recommend Nimbull to any Project Builders who want to nail their advertising.

— Aki Theodoridis, Director, Iliad Homes.

Goal:Generate quality leads for different building services e.g Custom Homes, Knock Down Rebuilds, Duplexes and Major Renovations.

Channel: Website, Facebook Ads.

Results: Within days of Facebook Lead Form Ads going live, Iliad Homes received a steady stream of regular leads at the efficient COST PER LEAD of $20.

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