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Meta’s Horizons World Metaverse is going browser only. Should decentraland be scared?

Meta is all set to be future-ready with the team working on its virtual social reality Horizon Worlds platform. This will allow them to expand beyond the traditional Metaverse with VR headsets etc.

Once the browser-only web version is launched, Facebook is also planning to cut down sales fees from 47.5% to 25%. Which is a noticeable change as 25% is considerably less than all other VR platforms.

That directly means designers get a better payout when they sell on the web version than the VR version. Keeping the increased market penetration and higher payouts in mind, we should understand where designers will be focused.

 The company’s CTO, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, revealed this in a tweet.

“We’re making good on our goal to ensure that developers have a path to real financial success on our platform,” Bosworth said in a tweet. “It’s early days, there is still a lot of work to be done and we continue to partner closely with our creators and developers to enable them to earn meaningful revenue.”

Bosworth didn’t reveal many details about the web version about working or launch date, but he has given a roadmap of where meta is headed to be a Future-ready company. According to reports, Meta will likely bring Horizon Worlds to mobile phones later this year.

Impact on other

There are a lot of companies that are making strides in the field of the Metaverse and moving towards making it a collaborative ecosystem.

Meta is taking the next step being the front runner to reach the masses.

As per reports, 20% of Meta employees are working exclusively on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

If you know Meta’s business model, you’re probably wondering when revenue with ads comes into play. Meta has announced that it has begun testing ads in select games and some properties on the Metaverse. However, it’s still in the air what the ad experience looks like since testing is on and how the Metaverse users are reacting to them. For example, real ads appearing on in-game or social media screens and billboards would not break players’ immersion in their virtual world, while still making revenue for developers, creators and Facebook.

Beyond attracting developers & creators for top content, Facebook has a unique edge in attracting consumers as well — it has a massive social networking user base that has a high engagement ratio. No other Metaverse brand can offer such easy accessibility over the web for now (low price point with no required console purchase but just a laptop) and such a high potential for networking.

Other companies don’t have capital or staff like Meta to give real competition to Meta. They are still struggling to tackle current bugs that Meta has already nailed. Meta has taken a step forward in the industry that has taken them miles ahead for now from the competitors.

Overall market earnings and results have dipped at Meta for the last quarter, but Zukerberg is focused on his long term goal with a bigger picture in mind.

Meta has cornered all the other Metaverse companies and is striving to make the metaverse accessible from every household.

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