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LinkedIn Marketing Q2 2022 – Australian Market Update

For advertisers and agencies using Linkedin for sales and marketing, here’s everything that’s working, and the important things on the way in 2022.

  • Linkedin “Business Manager” will launch in a little while. It’s like a Google MCC aggregate account.
  • More brands are adding their content to Linkedin than ever before, and its getting more engagement than ever due to the pandemic. 30% more public content was shared y/y. 
  • 810m professionals are on Linkedin globally. AU has 12 million members. Every 3 seconds a new Linkedin member joins
  • 57% of traffic is mobile.
  • A Business Insider study has found Linkedin has the highest trust for content posted for 5 years running.
  • Sales Navigator remains a pivotal way to source industry and sales contacts, and reach out directly.
  • 80% of ads are B2B on Linkedin.
  • B2C advertisers are increasing, especially high tech, luxury items, premium travel and automotive.
  • Linkedin account management can make “bespoke segments” and use third party data, to make your ad campaigns work harder.
  • Linkedin operates the “B2B institute” for R&D – a big takeaway is that for B2B ads, 40% branding and 60% conversion target is the best split.
  • Linkedin Insights Tag must be installed for performance campaigns – for better audiences and retargeting.
  • “Lean back” with interest targeting for Ads i.e go broad, and let AI take over.
  • Connect salesforce, zapier and more for up to date remarketing and lookalike lists.
  • Upload your competitors, and Linkedin will find audiences based on that.
  • Use Linkedin Audience Network LAN for performance campaigns – the sponsored content is native to the page, so it works well.
  • Company Page – add your “product pages” for services e.g training.
  • Make use of Article pages.
  • Dynamic Ads – customise ads based on a feed e.g hotel pricing, custom messaging based on GEO location. The users face can be in the ad!
  • Sponsored Messaging Ad Format – it may go away soon or get less distribution soon.
  • Adcopy – be concise, compelling and clear. Under 150 characters.
  • Landing experience is everything e.g don’t serve lead forms if you promised an article to read in the ad.
  • Linkedin Marketing Labs certification – has fundamentals and marketing content modules.
  • One needs 15k per month media spend to keep a Linkedin account manager. Use a digital marketing agency like Nimbull for expert setup and support of Linkedin ads and organic.

Microsoft continues it’s ascendancy in the digital ad and social space with recent market gains for Bing and Linkedin.

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