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How To Buy Paid Viber Ads

What is Viber Marketing?

Viber is a multi-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software that is used in 193 countries. It is indeed a great platform for messaging and socializing. Viber is also turning out to be an important marketing and advertising tool for businesses.

What makes it different from WhatsApp you say? Let’s face it many people use Viber because it’s not owned by Facebook. One less thing Old Zuck can snoop around on. Another unique feature for Viber is that you can delete seen messages.

Almost 90% of the messages of Viber are instantly opened within 3 minutes of being received according to a study, this makes Viber marketing an efficient must-use marketing tool.

Viber stands out because it lets you design your own patented stickers. And you can promote your brand through those quirky and innovative marketing tools.

According to Viber, 50% of Viber users share photos and videos daily.

Viber ads.png

How Viber ads work?

You may see ads displayed in certain places across the app. These ads may be related to new Viber products or third party products and services. Every ad is clearly marked as sponsored. You can interact with sponsored content as you would with organic content on the app or you can choose to ignore the ad. Ads may be seen after a successful call, within Communities, in the sticker market or on the chats list on Viber for Desktop. Ads are not shown within private chats on Viber. The mobile ad suite has four options: Post-Call, Ads in Call tab, Ads in Main Tab Screen, Ads in Business Chat Inbox. Some examples below. Targeting capabilities include: Geo, Device, Carrier, Dayparting, Browser language, Frequency Capping, Age, Gender, Messaging Activity, Caller Activity, Destination, Travelers, Behavioral. image001.png


Want to take advantage of the Viber ads for your business? Viber brilliantly brings your brand front and center to attract, intrigue and transact connected consumers. Option 1 To get started, apply to advertise with Viber and fill in your details in the form. Viber Option 2 Viber is owned by Rakuten, a leader in the classifieds, affiliate marketing & programmatic display space. They own the Japanese equivalent of eBay and sponsor Barca! You can work with an agency like Nimbull to set up and optimise your Viber Ads. Nimbull has been working as a trusted partner with Rakuten for years and has access to account reps and more. Ask Nimbull about Viber Ads today.

Its time to try VIBER ads!

Live chats, real-time conversations, stickers, engagements, and everything that constitutes interactive and digital marketing are a part of the Viber marketing strategy. Viber marketing can create not only local but a global presence.

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