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5 Key Themes From Rakuten Dealmaker Sydney 2019

A big congratulations to Rihannon and the team at Rakuten for a very well put together event at DealMaker Sydney 2019.

It was not just a showcase of Rakuten’s roadmap for affiliates and display programmatic, but called on a slew of expert marketers including managers from Lorna Jane, The Trading Desk, Plastiq, Spartan, Ad News & more.


1) Led by Andrew Banks from Shart Tank – there was a large focus on Transparency & Measurability of tech and digital media.

2) Australia’s version of GDPR is in its infancy and rolling around via the ACCC. The general consensus was that tech and media agencies are happy to comply with any regulation required to secure the online privacy of Australians.

3) O2O2O2O was a common theme, driven home well by David Watson, VP of Product at Spartan Race. It stands for online to offline to online etc. With offline sales still making up 90% of retail sales in Australia, brands are striving to maximise online research leading to offline sales. David also explained how despite having 20,000 people tattoo their logo on their body, they still have a long way to go to reach their goal of 100 mill customers. They are laser-focused on making people find an identity in the Spartan brand, something all brands can aspire to.

4) NeuroScience and Advertising are merging, and there are many techniques now in play to solicit true feedback on a brand’s awareness. Joel Pearson, the founder of MindX explained how visual illusions and measuring brain chemistry can be used in this exciting new frontier of advertising. He also showed some strong correlations between a brands awareness and the amount of paid media spend in market, with brands like Woolworths, Telstra & Samsung leading the way in Australia.

5) TRUE “AI” is still being debated as a game-changing marketing phenomenon. Some speakers such as the Ad News rep were touting it as a “shiny object among many shiny objects”, yet others like Nick Fletcher, UK Country Manager from Rakuten revealed how it’s about to change Rakuten Affiliates and Programmatic buying for the better.

If you need assistance with Rakuten’s affiliate marketing and programmatic display offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out to Nimbull today.

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