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Review of Whatagraph – A Leading Digital Marketing Reporting Tool

Automated reporting tools help large advertisers and agencies generate multi-channel digital marketing reports. Learn more about the easiest way to create these reports using Whatagraph. With the use of this tool, you can quickly manage reports and present them to your clients and key stakeholders.


We sat down with Zilvinas Alekna, SEO Manager at Whatagraph, to learn about their reporting tool.

What is your product called?

What is your website?

In two sentences or less, what does your product do?

Whatagraph automates the analytics reporting process by collecting data from marketing channels and presenting it as visual infographic reports. You can generate a quick overview of your website and social media performance in seconds and instantly share the reports with clients and teams.

Where and when were you founded?

2017 in Amsterdam.

Who are your closest competitors andwhat do They Do differently?

Our closest competitors are Supermetrics and Databox.

At Whatagraph we believe that data can and should be understandable by everyone. Our reports are exceptionally visual and effective. The data in Whatagraph reports is presented in a way that even those within minimal data literacy skills can understand and base their decisions on them.

What parts of digital excite you most

Data and analytics.


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