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Google Maps April Fools Prank – Google Pac-man!

Google strikes again in 2015 with a hilarious April Fool’s prank. 

Google Maps with Pac-Man, now you finally have a fun way of getting around your over congested city! Why walk or drive when you can run from ghosts while you eat precious goodies!

Nice clean fun in 2015. In 2014 Google announced Google Adbirds. It was a fictitious ad format that took your campaign to new heights by placing ads on real birds. What was your favorite Google April Fools Day prank

Here is Pac-Man on Sydney’s George Street.

Here’s some fun ways to get more out of the game.

1) Turn sound on!

2) Turn it up loud, and move next to your “favourite” co worker.

3) Pick a city like Manhattan or Melbourne that’s a grid – you have found Pacman utopia!

4) For any bosses out there, accept that productivity is plummeting across the globe today!

Post your highest score in the section below!

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