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Hello Moto, Goodbye Google – Can The Largest Pc Maker Become The Largest Smartphone Maker?

Lenovo snapped up Motorola for a bargain today. They bought Motorola from Google for 2 bill, only a few years after Google bought it for 12 bill. Google essentially bought Motorola at a time when they needed a few things to fuel the growth of their Android mobile operating system. They needed patents to clear the way for feature rollouts that wouldn’t end up in court upon release.

The first digital hand-

size mobile telephone

– Motorola International 3200

They also needed the perspective of a handset maker, so that Android could really become so full of utility that it would catapult to power 78% of smart phones globally. With the “real job” done and very little headway made in actually making hot selling handsets (the Moto X and Moto G failed to hit great heights), Google says they are happy to take a neutral position. Don’t believe anything about Google saying their goal all along was only about operating systems. If the Moto X and Moto G sold like iPhones they would definitely be pushing harder in that area. Google has spent the last 10 years moving out of their comfort zone of Search Engines, and creating other profitable offerings like Video and Display networks. They even recently bought NEST for their upcoming foray into home automation. Lenovo gains instant market share and brand recognition with this acquisition. They will jump from 5th to 3rd in the smart phone market, and most importantly get a brand name that is synonymous with Mobile invention, longevity, pioneership. This brand awareness pervades most most parts of the world, especially for anyone Gen X and older. 

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