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A Tale of Snakes, Spiders, Markles and The Kitchen Sink – What’s Really Up With Facebook News

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stressed board room dont they look happy caption.png

Don’t They Look Happy?

Traditional media outlets that have owned advertising revenues for 100 years have been completely disrupted since the rise of Google and Facebook. Those two players alone literally took half the market.

It’s tough being the CEO at the Fairfax board meeting where year over year for the last 10 years you need to say you missed your revenue targets, which were already SHRINKING TARGETS.


cat scratch.png


FAT CATS like Rupert want to go out with a bang. But it’s too late to throw your toys outta the cot. Mamma should’ve been taking those multivitamins while preggers. You’re 3 trimesters late to negotiate effectively.

google spider.png

There wasn’t a single peep in the media yesterday about advertisers switching off Facebook Ad campaigns.

Ideologically, Facebook does have more of a leg to stand on than Google because Google uses it’s SPIDERS to crawl every news service under the sun and index it automatically, whereas Facebook literally relies on the new sites uploading their own content. How can they be penalised for being a platform that simply takes content it never really asked for, and as the actions of the last few days have proved, doesn’t really need.




Good on Scomo for irking the world’s biggest threats to enslave humanity in Facebook and the CCP within the space of a few months.

He’s got the backbone of a shoddy roof repairer shot into space. I guess he’s dissing MEGAN MARKLE’S burgeoning political career next?


zuck lizard.png


Fearing a global precedent, Zuck tried to cut the head off the Aussie snake. But as every foreigner that watches those “Most Deadliest Creatures” compilations on YouTube knows, every Australian has one under the KITCHEN SINK.

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