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Twitter Prohibits Sharing Of Personal Photos Without Consent – What Now For Users And Advertisers?

Twitter knows that feeling safe on Twitter is different for everyone, and their teams are constantly working to understand and address these needs.

In response to rising concerns over the misuse of photos and videos that aren’t available anywhere else on the web, Twitter will now take action on unauthorised private media.

Now not only the abusive content, but photos of a person shared without a person’s consent will be removed from Twitter.

For users, this is mixed news. Until now anybody can post your picture with a random tweet and just get away with it, so there are some protections being offered. It will impact those seeking to express themselves and will further stymie some open debate and freedom of expression on Twitter.

For advertisers, this will increase the difficulties as there can be a lot of false complaints, and they have to be careful about using faces on ads.

For other platforms, this is great news, as Twitter is a political ring and there was no action taken if posts agitating a person with their photo, even after user complaints. Now people may head to other platforms for sharing images of people.

It’s important to note Twitter has also taken a safe route excluding public figures, celebrities and newsworthy content from this policy.

In summary, this move further moves the needle towards user safeguards and away from unfettered debate – a trend that pundits are saying may accelerate with Dorsey’s departure, as Agrawal takes the reigns.

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