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You’re About To Over-count Conversions! “Converted Clicks Going Away” For Adwords.

The “converted clicks” column is going away in the Adwords interface. 

Advertisers are advised to work with their Google rep or agency to make necessary changes ASAP. 

It requires systematically going through your Adwords account, to change the counting methodology from “every” to “one” where appropriate, so that the “conversions” column will act as the old “converted clicks” column did. 

“Converted clicks” will disappear from the interface around March 16, so you will need to add in the “conversions” column (and associated metrics columns) on March 16 to get meaningful data.

Here are more details:

Why would Google do this?

1) decluttering the interface

2) indirectly, Google will also achieve a “perceived” performance boost for many non savvy advertisers. It is unlikely small advertisers will realise this change, therefore may start counting “lead forms submissions” even if they came from the same person twice. 

Spread the word fast and send onto your fellow Adwords users !

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