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Review of the Leading Talent Casting Platforms – Backstage &

There’s no arguing that one of the hardest parts of producing content for your digital channels is finding talent. This could be someone to be the presenter in a YouTube “how to” video. Or maybe host a podcast where you can showcase your products. Two of the most impressive options are Backstage and We went to the horses mouth and spoke with reps from each company to discover their strength so you can choose wisely.



We (virtually) sat down with Gabrielle Hamann, Business Development, Commercial & Brand Casting Specialist at Backstage, to learn about their talent casting platform.

The best part? Gabrielle created a coupon code for Nimbull and our readers: NIMBULLCAST will allow you to post a notice for free on the BACKSTAGE platform.

What is your product called?


What is your website?

In two sentences or less, what does your product do?

We are a casting platform, helping brands and production companies match the right talent with their creative projects, along with providing access to industry tools and editorial advice related to casting talent.

Image.jpgWhere and when were you founded?

Backstage was founded in 1960 as a weekly trade magazine in New York for actors to learn about the performing arts and keep up-to-date on industry news. A section of the publication was used by directors and producers to publish film, TV, commercial, and theater casting calls. The magazine’s distribution quickly expanded to include Los Angeles and other key U.S. markets.

One of the first publications of its kind, numerous now-famous actors started their careers reading Backstage and using the magazine to find jobs, including Scarlet Johannson, Sandra Bullock, Chris Evans, and Denzel Washington.

Over the last 20 years, Backstage’s website has expanded its audience to a few million monthly visitors across the globe, and it has evolved into a best-in-class casting solution.

Have you won any awards or have something else you are particularly proud of?

Backstage has won various awards over the years, including Folio Magazine awards for best “Business to Business, Media/Entertainment” website, along with commendations from the cities of New York and Los Angeles.

However, we’re particularly proud of the sheer number of creative job opportunities we’ve been able to help facilitate between creators and performers for decades. Last year more than 50,000 productions were cast on Backstage, employing tens of thousands of actors.

Some of the many famous actors and directors that got their start with Backstage sing our praises better than we could ourselves:

And recently, we’ve been very proud that, in service of our audience, we were able to quickly pivot in the face of the pandemic and develop and launch new tools and resources to assist our audience. This has included introducing our SLATE program of free virtual seminars and workshops, as well as remote casting tools that enable the casting process to move forward without needing in-person auditions.

SLATE is an ongoing series of talks and classes with industry-leading professionals, casting directors, actors, and producers. Education is central to Backstage, so it’s important that we are using this time to educate and inspire our community of readers, along with helping our talent perfect their craft during this time.

Our remote casting tools include our self-taped audition options, live video-conference audition tools that are fully integrated with our applicant-management system, improved voiceover casting tools, and new work-from-home job-posting options to easily find talent that are ready to record voiceover and selfie/testimonial style videos for brands and other productions.image 3.jpg

Who are your closest competitors and what do They Do differently?

In Australia, our closest competitors are probably Showcast, Casting Networks, and StarNow.

A key point of difference is our scope: Among our competitors everywhere, we far and away reach the largest audience and have tools that accommodate the widest range of project types and talent skill-sets. A benefit of this is that the creators on Backstage have access to a wider variety of talent to choose from, and the talent has access to more projects to choose from, connecting them all to a global community while also allowing for hyper-local casting where needed.

Additionally, unlike our competitors, we have a robust editorial platform that offers news, advice, training, and inspiration to help educate the actors that rely on Backstage for insights and career growth.

Backstage is also more balanced than most of its competitors in terms of being easily accessible and available to creators and talent of all levels. Our users include everything from no-budget indie directors and student filmmakers to the biggest movie studios, TV networks, and high-profile brands. And our audience of actors is equally as diverse.

image 2.jpg

What parts of digital excite you most?

The level of innovation involved and the potential for growth and new developments, I always enjoy seeing new platforms emerge that are disrupting the market and changing the way we consume content and engage with others online. The potential for growth and change is infinite.



We sat down with David Ciccarelli, CEO and Founder at, to learn about their professional voice over talent platform.

What is your product called?

What is your website?

In two sentences or less, what does your product do?

Voices is the marketplace that connects buyers with professional voice over talent. Buyers post a job and receive proposals including a sample audio recording and quote from qualified voice talent.


Where and when were you founded? was founded in 2005 in London, Ontario, Canada.

The founding story of is also the story of how co-founders David and Stephanie Ciccarelli first met. Stephanie replied to an ad for David’s local recording studio and quickly became his go-to voice actor for jobs that came into the studio. They quickly realized that there was a better way to connect the buyers and sellers of voice over and launched a website to do just that. has grown since 2005 to become the world’s leading marketplace for voice over services. We have 1 million registered users, with talent who speak over 100 languages and are located in around 160 countries.

Have you won any awards or have something else you are particularly proud of?

We’re always proud when Voices wins an award, whether that’s an award for customer service, innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, or economic and cultural development. One recent award we’re particularly proud of is the 2019 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. We’re proud to be a Canadian business and to make it on this inaugural list.

Who are your closest competitors and what do They Do differently?

Voice over is a multi-billion dollar industry that remains quite fragmented between independent artists, traditional talent agencies, and other online marketplaces. differentiates itself by being the fastest, easiest way to hire a professional voice actor. Most projects get responses in hours and are completed in 1-2 days (depending on the length of the script). Customers leave reviews commenting on the functionality and usability of the platform with built-in “delighters,” such as helpful tips when you might need them for the ability to invite, share, and collaborate with other team members. Finally, the quality and depth of our global talent network is unparalleled with over 500,000 voice talent registered., along with Upwork and even Fiverr, offers business people the ability to find freelancers to complete creative and technical projects.


What parts of digital excite you most?

Companies are increasingly embracing remote work and outsourcing specialized creative skills to freelancers. In doing so, they are looking for best-in-class platforms that help them get their jobs done.


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