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State Of Bing In Australia – Q2 2016


– Overall Yearly Australian Paid Search Revenue is now about 2.8 bill – its about 46% of the digital pie for Australian advertisers. Its growing at 11% for last 12 months. If you are growing by more than 11% as an agency, then you are gaining market share. 

– Top 5 hot verticals for Search Advertising are retail, finance, auto, travel and real estate. Education, telco and IT round out the top 8.

– BINGs audience remains 80% above 35 years old, which they claim means increase spending power and therefore higher conversion rates.

Many muse that its actually more like over 65s that can’t change their default browser settings, a claim that most BING reps shrug off with a smile. 

– With release of windows 10 – BING Search Market Share has grown from around 7% to 11.5% y/y

– Edge has replaced Internet Explorer and initial signs are good, with a 90% retention rate

– Microsoft’s focus continues to be on Search pervading the entire user experience, rather than being solely focused on the browser. An example of this would be using BING to power search of files on a local hard drive.

– Windows 10 is much loved – there are 270 mill devices using it, and Microsoft is aiming for 1 billion by 2018. An aggressive and free “You need to update” strategy has anecdotally driven much of this adoption.

– In the US BING remains strong. After taking control of Yahoo Assets after the unbundling of their deal, they now pedal 33% of Search market share.

– BING has continued to grow their Ryde based sales and operations teams aggressively, doubling staff. They are also offering test budget vouchers that are far more generous than Google’s startup voucher.

– BING remain very collaborative with agencies and are keen to share data and co author case studies. BING plans to run more Agency Connect seminars in Sydney CBD to showcase new products and features.

– Video remains quite nascent, although there are certainly rumours of something big on the horizon.

– Most of BING’s traffic is from desktop. Mobile traffic is minimal. Acquisition of Nokia and the slow adoption of “windows phone” operating system is not helping here. 

– Display is still fueled by the Mi9 relationship, and behemoths like Skype cannot be ignored. 

– Skype has incredibly high adoption in Australia, with most Australian web users signed up. It is a top 5 web destination, and display buys on Skype can have massive reach. Display orders carry minimums and are coordinated by Microsoft’s display teams based in Oxford St. Surry Hills Sydney. 

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