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Review of Fabulate – A Leading Online Platform For Creation and Distribution of Quality Content

Fabulate is an online content creation and distribution platform designed to help content led ideas scale. It streamlines the creation and delivery of quality content and uses propriety analytics tools to benchmark content performance and demonstrate ROI.


Fabulate logo.png

We sat down with Kaitlan Fletcher, Account Manager at Fabulate, to learn about their content creation tool.

What is your product called?


What is your website?

In two sentences or less, what does your product do?

We create idea led media campaigns that scale.
    Where and when were you founded?
     Founded July 2019.

Have you won any awards or have something else you are particularly proud of ?

We provide hundreds of freelancers every year access to Australia’s best brands to work on. Our technology solution means our idea led campaigns can scale through accessing dozens of tier 1 publishing sites.

Who are your closest competitors and what do They Do differently?

We are unique in the market as we provide a holistic ideas led content solution to media briefs that can run across multiple publishers.

What parts of digital excite you most?

How technology can be used to give time back to focus on creativity and other value adding areas of the business.

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