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Facebook Bans Australian News – 5 Ways Marketers Can Take Advantage

Looks like Google was all bark, Facebook was all bite!

Facebook has banned Australian News, and people from sharing or viewing News content, in response to Frydenberg’s Media Code.

ABC News.png Facebook says they won’t be punished for hosting content that the NEWS PUBLISHERS themselves are uploading on their platform. When you put it that way, they kind of have a point! Watch closely as the two BERGS collide over the coming weeks. australian media code facebook.png Ironically Facebook’s most contentious issue over the last 2 years has been how they handle disinformation and FAKE NEWS in the wake of disputed and influenced elections etc. They are now moving exclusively to OPINION news from AMATEUR sources in Australia, which is the opposite of what they say they have been striving for globally.

Here’s how Digital Marketers can take advantage of this new seismic development:

1) There will be an increase in Twitter News Searches, Google News searches and Direct traffic to NEWS websites. Make sure to sign up to Google News if you qualify. Consider embracing Twitter if you are a BRAND that regularly breaks NEWS. 2) More space in FB news feed for PAID ADS – monitor your frequency and daily budgets. 3) More space in FB news feed for FRIENDS and BRANDS content – review your organic posting quality and frequency. Also, if your Digital Agency or Social Media Manager has been heavily relying on posting news articles instead of creating powerful ORIGINAL content, then their life is about to become WAY HARDER. 4) Fill the FB NEWS VOID with your own valuable original content. Create news-based or topical BLOGS on your website with expert commentary, and post to your Facebook Page and Facebook Groups. Boosting these posts with paid media may have them perform better than usual due to the VOID left from the absence of official NEWS sites on FB. 5) Facebook loving Australian Expats will be particularly disappointed right now as they can’t follow the NEWS on their favourite social platform. Facebook Paid Ads can allow you to find them as an FB INTEREST, BEHAVIOUR, DEMOGRAPHIC and target them with NEWS related content from your website BLOG. Contact Nimbull to discover how to capitalise on trends such as these and boost your Social Media Marketing effectiveness.

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