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Can I advertise on clubhouse and how does it work?

What Is Clubhouse And How Does It Work?

Clubhouse is a new “invite-only” voice chat-based social media application. It is a platform on which users can participate in conversations in different chat rooms on a wide range of topics such as music, film, culture, race, tech, fitness and beauty.

Who is on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is big with celebrities like Oprah, Kevin Hart, Drake, Chris Rock and Ashton Kutcher. In some ways, that’s part of Clubhouse’s appeal.

How do you get an invite to Clubhouse?

Right now, you still cannot join Clubhouse without an invite. If you’re an iPhone user, though, you can download the app and reserve a username. But the app apparently plans to expand to the general public soon.



How to Use Clubhouse

  1. Track down and accept an invite.
  2. Pick topics of interest and follow users.
  3. Set up your profile.
  4. Scroll through the homepage.
  5. Use the Explore page to find more users, clubs, and rooms.
  6. Join clubs.
  7. Start a club.
  8. Enter a room.
  9. Request to speak.
  10. Add friends to a room.
  11. Leave a room.
  12. See upcoming rooms.
  13. Invite friends.

Advertisement On Clubhouse

Currently, Clubhouse does not offer any in-app advertising functionality. The company is currently focusing on doubling down on its growth and user experience on the platform.

But like any other social platform with a huge customer base, Clubhouse will also introduce it’s on-platform paid advertisement soon.

However, there are other ways in which marketers can leverage it for their products and services promotion. Such as running an event in your niche and giving a ton of value in that event and in the last few minutes of the event, you can promote your product or services.

It is a great platform to put your ideas, products or services in front of people and if you jump on the platform early, you can definitely reap the rewards by building a huge audience pool. 


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