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A Year Of Digital Marketing Learning


With the Spring conference season now behind us, we take a look at the best conferences Nimbull has been a part of and the key learnings our clients will use in 2020.

Conference: Rakuten Dealmaker 2019

Key Themes:

Growing transparency & measurability of tech and digital media

Australia’s version of GDPR is on the way

O2O2O – It stands for online to offline to online etc

NeuroScience and Advertising are merging

TRUE “AI” is occurring but elusive READ MORE

Conference: Cebit 2019

Key Themes:

A display of business tech from all around the world, with applications for most industries. AI, VR, AR, Holograms, Bots, Automation Software & Payment Software featured heavily. Look for further maturity in these spaces in 2020, with clear leaders beginning to emerge. READ MORE

Conference: Retail Show 2019

Key Themes:

There are many tools available for shipping and logistics services and software. eCommerce marketers are spoilt for choice.

Buy Now Pay Later providers, and Marketing automation platforms are also very active in this space. READ MORE

Conference: NSW Small Business Month

Key Themes:

Small Business Advertisers can use digital to gain reach and appear much bigger than they really are. Channels include Radio Ads via Spotify with a $250 minimum spend. READ MORE

Conference: Start Up Grind Coffs 2019

Key Themes:

Entrepreneur and investor Steve Baxter from Shark Tank shared his insights on being an investor, mentor and what it takes to succeed in today’s fast-changing world.

Nimbull’s Michael Verghios talks about how startup culture is everywhere, including our metro and regional cites. You can bring an entrepreneurial startup spirit to all walks of business READ MORE

Conference: Sydney Property Expo

Most Common Mistakes:

Not improving the property developer reputation

Thinking REA is a silver bullet

Short lived microsites are hurting your conversions and SEO READ MORE


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