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#-9860 – Tweets Growing To 10000 Character Limit?

Top 3 uses of 10,000 character tweets:

1) Malcolm Turnbull can finally make a point
2) Full Kanye rant
3) 13 year old girl JB love declarations

Twitter is now considering increasing its character limit from 140 to 10000, in a bid to stay relevant and reinvigorate it’s stagnating growth.

This comes in a climate where it’s user base of 300 mill has been surpassed by Facebook’s Instagram product, now 400 mill. Many believe Snapchat’s user base is now close to 200 million, which is explosive growth from a company still in its infancy. No doubt Twitter would view both of these as very credible threats.

It’s no secret that about half of all tweets are entertainment, celebrity and music related. Recently, celebrities have flocked to the Snapchat service.

Many share over 30 “stories” a day e.g. Omarion, DJ Khaled and Ariana Grande, and have amassed almost cult like followings.

Most followed Celebrities on Snapchat

The age old conundrum now presents itself to the Twitter board – abandon core values (forcing the net to be curt) vs diversifying to stay alive. Negative growth is essentially synonymous with a slow painful death in the life of the average Internet giant.

Twitter will likely pursue some sort of character increase. The volume of people posting screen grabs of text as images as a work around points to the utility many users crave, especially on the journalistic side of the product.

For now, you will have to accept that annoying “-9860” message next time you try to publish your utterly genius manifesto on Twitter.

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