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Labor’s Electoral Crash And Burn – Lessons For The Workplace

What did the Australian election result teach us about Agency life?

Disunity is the ultimate killer.

Despite all the amazing policies produced by Julia Gillard and Kevin
Rudd, ultimately the Australian public could not forgive the
backstabbing and disloyalty the party displayed over the course of
three years.

The lesson here is that no matter how strong the quality of work,
disunity in an account team is unforgivable. Even when presenting
amazing business changing, turn key results to a client, if an
agency’s account manager and campaign manager are not in lockstep, it
can throw off the entire benefit of the meeting and devalue the work.

Chemistry and communication are critical in a business relationship.

Be conscious of the vibes you are giving off and realise that some
clients are incredibly perceptive. Your body language can give a lot
more away than you anticipate. Why would a client be happy to work
with you if you are not happy to work with your own team members?

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